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Protect yourself with TALAN HRO shoes

HRO shoes has a wide range of applications and if you're looking for a range of safety shoes that can handle the heat, TALAN is the answer.

TALAN presents NEW technology with direct rubber injection and manufacturing PU-Rubber sole which made with out glue.

Thats why you can trust your work for TALAN shoes.

Boots ART : A414c2
S3 - CE EN 345
Designed as boot for welders. Fast-open shoe lock is giving you possibility to rescue your feet in case of need. It has extra protection from sparks.
Rigger ART : A484c2
S3 - CE EN 345
Is Rigger Boot. Has 240 mm high or 9 inch. Fully Non metal. Ideal for drilling work.
Boots ART : A413c2
S3 - CE EN 345
Has been designed with reflective strip on the rear part of the shoe. Visibility is giving you extra protection at the time when you need it.
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