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Protect yourself with TALAN HRO shoes
Boots ART : A414c2
EN 345 S3
High quality natural breathable and water resistant leather. Easy handling with fast-open shoe lock and boot-straps.
Breathable,wear-resistant lining material Mesh,nonwoven vamp lining material.
Composite toe cup resist 200 Joules impact. Comfort in sock.
Kevlar midsole - 0% penetration.
EN 345 S3
EN 345 S3
Dual PU - Nitrile Rubber Sole resist up to 300ÂșC. Slip Resistant according highest standard SRC which includes SRA and SRB standards. Shock absorbing, Antistatic sole.
Convenient anatomical last,individual cardboard box.
SHOE SIZES : 37- 46
EN 345 S3
Breathable Breathable, wear-resistant lining material Mesh Antistatic Antistatic
Toe Cap Steel or Composite Toe Cap with 200 Joules impact protection Midsole Metal or Kevlar midsole 0% penetration
Oil Resistant Oil resistant Shock Absorbing Shock absorbing
Slip Resistant Slip resistant Rust Proof Rust proof
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