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Protect yourself with TALAN HRO shoes
Boots ART : A413c2
EN 345 S3
Has been designed with reflective strip on the rear part of the shoe. Visibility is giving you extra protection at the time when you need it. Natural breathable and water resistant leather.
Breathable,wear-resistant lining material Mesh,nonwoven vamp lining material.
composite toe cup resist 200 Joules impact. Comfort in sock.
Kevlar midsole - 0% penetration.
EN 345 S3
EN 345 S3
Dual PU - Nitrile Rubber Sole resist up to 300oC. Slip Resistant according highest standard SRC which includes SRA and SRB standards. Shock absorbing, Antistatic sole.
Convenient anatomical last,individual cardboard box.
SHOE SIZES : 37- 46
EN 345 S3
Breathable Breathable, wear-resistant lining material Mesh Antistatic Antistatic
Toe Cap Steel or Composite Toe Cap with 200 Joules impact protection Midsole Metal or Kevlar midsole 0% penetration
Oil Resistant Oil resistant Shock Absorbing Shock absorbing
Slip Resistant Slip resistant Rust Proof Rust proof
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