Why TALAN safety shoes?

  • TALAN has certificate of quality from TUVRheinland company. Germany. Quality you can trust.
  • TALAN use breathable materials for manufacturing safety shoes. You will enjoy your safety shoes duration your work time.
  • TALAN buys certified toe cup which gives you protection for 200J impact.
  • TALAN importing natural leather for safety shoes, with 2,0 -2,2 mm thickness, which is high standard. As result, the leather has very good looking duration long time, does not have any bed smell inside shoe.
  • TALAN care about protection from penetration and all metal plate or kevlar plate for non metal shoe meet EN standard. As result, you have reliable protection.
  • TALAN manufacturing safety shoes with double density sole which gives you comfort and shock absorbing with first less density pu layer and second, top layer of high density pu gives long life to the sole of your safety shoe.
Other brands
  • Other Brands don’t have certificate for quality. As result, you can not trust their safety.
  • Other brands, does not guarantee breathability and as result, no comfort in work time.
  • Other brands, use non certified toe cup and as result, you may be injured in case of impact 200J.
  • Other brands may use leather with 1,4 – 1,6 mm thickness, which is very easy can be broken at the curve and fold parts. They glue non breathable synthetic materials under leather to increase thickness and life of shoe. As result – bed smell inside shoe.
  • Other brands manufacturing shoe with metal plate or composite plate with less thickness, as result it will gives you only half of safety which you need.
  • Other brands, usually manufacturing shoes with one density pu. As result you have or less or high density sole. It is mean, that high density pu sole – it has long life, but very hard and non flexible. If they use less density pu sole – it became soft for walking but very fast destroying.